In SHIFT HAPPENS, host Claudia Mahler is curious about how women made it through turning points in their lives, and how they reflect back on them. SHIFT HAPPENS creates a space for women to pause for a moment and to share, to listen and to feel heard. A space where we connect and talk about life and its pivotal moments. About the highs and lows, the challenges and the joys. About what has been gained, and about how enriching change can be. Some things we hear are heavy, some are funny; they all put me in awe, as they are honest and raw testimonies of life.

Too often, women just get on with it — the everyday, the duties, the expectations. Too often, life-altering events are being swept under the rug, as the day must go on.

This podcast is a little window into the world. I invited women from all walks of life, and various counties, countries, and continents. I am in conversation with authors, business owners, artists, life coaches, and change-makers in the areas of academia, wellness, the arts, HR, beauty.
All these women have their individual life stories, and much wisdom to share. Lots to learn from all of them.